Romance/sex/coming of age stories

Bathing with Ralph – A teenager shares an unexpected bath with his brother

Charms – A teenager in Thailand is given a birthday surprise that will change him forever.

Crackerzzz – A bunch of teen friends play a traditional masturbation game.

Cubicle number 6 – A new device is tested on the unwitting students of an all-boy’s school.

Dave – A young man finds himself in a situation where he must face a sexual realisation.

Emmett’s descent – A teenager is forced to perform for a wealthy man to avoid a beating.

Glory – A college boy’s risky gay hook-up goes in wildly unexpected directions.

I think I might be gay – A teenager confides a secret to his older best friend.

Learning from Dad – A deadbeat father finally teaches his teenage son something worth learning.

Leaving present – A young man gives his brother an erotic gift.

Mirror – A boy experiments with his body.

My first visit to a sauna with dad – A young man goes to the sauna with his father and finds himself in an embarrassing situation.

Plates – A teenager proudly participates in a hazing ritual with a sting in the tail.

Steven: A Christmas story – Two friends fall in lust for Christmas.

Summer heat – Two boys come to terms with their feelings for one another.

Tanner’s best days Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 – A father helps his disabled son in an unusual way.

Terry: A skinhead love story – A boy remembers the troubled skinhead friend who took his cherry.

The accident – A Brazilian boy makes a terrible mistake that leads somewhere erotic.

The bus ride: A teenage love story – A high school wimp has a final chance to get to know the boy of his dreams or forever live in regret.

The photographer’s assistant Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 – A young man takes on an evening job with his uncle and discovers that it’s far more erotic than he imagined.

The private tutor: Losing it – A young man has to return a sexual favour to his tutor but it has an unexpected outcome.

Trick or treat – A teenager gets a treat when he knocks on the right door.