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New 4K ball busting uploads

New 4K versions of ball busting art for Patreons. The following images have been updated: Bag work The Bucket Castrating three masturbators College hazing: Hobbled frog race Hanging Le Souffle Nut boxing 00

Father and son – Duet of pain

  The Master loves nothing more than to torment friends an family members together. In this scene, a man who considered himself an alpha male quickly discovers that his manhood is just a source of amusement in The Master’s twisted games. The man’s son shares his fate. Although they will eventually released, their family line […]

Nut boxing

In the future, juvenile delinquents receive a harsh punishment that doubles as a pay-per-view spectator event. The courts were sick of seeing the same old faces before them every few months. Public flogging was tried, but young gang members and other criminals quickly saw it as a mark of honour to be publicly flogged. Then […]

The tree hangers

Native American Indians find a uniquely vicious way of tormenting invaders who settle on their lands. 00

Test subjects 84-87

Four young men are kidnapped and prepared for sale to new owners. +10

Sex Olympics: Event 27 – Running

Young men compete against their will in a kinky Olympic event. 00

Puppies 6 – Bailey’s Tale

Recap: Daniel has gotten a very well paid job at a night club called Puppies where all of the servers are young men dressed as puppies. However, one of the puppies called Bailey has no balls. This is his  story. +10

Puppies 2 – Audition 2

Daniel has undergone an unusual audition whereby he must kneel inside a metal puppy shell. Inside, he is edged and teased expertly for hours upon end, all the while, his whimpers of ecstasy are converted into puppy sounds. +10

Punishing Jamie

An uptight father punishes his son and his friend for their sexual shenanigans. +10

Parasite 3 part 3 – Incubators

Four boys are captured by giant bugs who use their bodies in new and unsettling ways. +10