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Pussies – Part 1

A teenager is kidnapped and turned into a human cat. If you like my work and want access to PDFs of most of my stories, 4K versions of many images, and content that I chose not to publish publicly, please consider donating to my Patreon in order to receive access. +6-1

Fixing Jack

A country boy cures his teenage brother’s masturbation addiction. Inspired by the movie King Jack If you like this story, you should definitely check out The problem, which is a different take on the same situation.   “Hey man, okay to come in?” Doug stood at the door to the barn, peering through at his […]

Beach Party

An older sister deals with her annoying teenager brother in a way that he will remember for the rest of his life. Inspired by a story by Storytime Sam. If you like this story, you’ll also enjoy The Don’s Daughter and School Surprise which are part of the same universe. +10

Trick or treat

A teenager gets a treat when he knocks on the right door. +50


  Coach had asked to speak to Frank in his office after practice, so the boy was alone when he finally hit the showers. He was surprised when coach came in and stood at one of the other shower heads. Although he was playing it cool, Frank surreptitiously kept glancing at coach’s hefty dick, and […]


  As Ben discovered the importance of locking his door before taking care of business, his mom learned the importance of knocking before she entered. It was definitely a lesson that he would find the most uncomfortable to receive. In five seconds, Mrs Jackson would further come to the realisation that her eldest was unlikely […]

Backstroke lover

  Paul had finally gotten a good look at Ben’s package in the showers after soccer, and he could barely wait to get back to his dorm room to start jacking off. He fantasised about his hero’s heavy dick and straining scrotum, and quickly reached an orgasm so monumental that he had to bite his […]


When I started reading books on hypnotism, my friend Eric insisted it only works on people who want to be hypnotised. Three months later I bet him that I could hypnotise him even if he resisted. I got the camera rolling so I could prove my results, and in just five minutes, he was naked […]

The photographer’s assistant 4 – The substitute

A teenager discovers a new side to his uncle’s photography business that he finds unexpectedly arousing. 00

The photographer’s assistant 1 – A new job

A young man takes on an evening job with his uncle and discovers that it’s far more erotic than he imagined. 00