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Cultural movie

A young actor in a historical documentary finds himself being messed with in a public and humiliating way… If you like my work and want access to PDFs of most of my stories, 4K versions of many images, and content that I chose not to publish publicly, please consider donating to my Patreon in order […]

Skinny dipping

I love the young skinny dipping idyll. Here’s another piece on the subject. 4K version for $5 patrons. +20

Taken – alien abduction

Another alien abduction theme. I love the idea that human nudity is an irrelevance to aliens who care nothing for their modesty. In this scene, young males are examined and prepared for their future lives. 4K version available for $5 Patreons. +60

Pool party 2017

  This is one of my favourite images. I love the nudist characters, and I have continuously kept working on improving the lighting. I’m pretty happy with this version. +20

21st century warlock

  Zane’s curiosity was his greatest weakness. As he crept in the bushes up to the window of the Marsten place, he heard someone behind him. He turned to find himself facing a man. The man raised his fist towards the kid, and Zane raised his arms protectively, but instead of a blow from the […]


  Coach had asked to speak to Frank in his office after practice, so the boy was alone when he finally hit the showers. He was surprised when coach came in and stood at one of the other shower heads. Although he was playing it cool, Frank surreptitiously kept glancing at coach’s hefty dick, and […]


  The kid slouched, comfortable in his nudity, staring straight back at him with a steady, open gaze. As he admired the boy’s lean body, Stewart knew that this was going to be worth every cent. +10

Angel lust

  As the angel watched the humans writhing and sweating far below him, his body responded unlike it ever had before. Soon he would discover his new hardness, and explore what it was for, and then his world would never be the same again… +10

Father and son – Duet of pain

  The Master loves nothing more than to torment friends an family members together. In this scene, a man who considered himself an alpha male quickly discovers that his manhood is just a source of amusement in The Master’s twisted games. The man’s son shares his fate. Although they will eventually released, their family line […]

jimmy’s first time in a sucking box

Wakeford Academy was one of the first to respond to a study that proved male students’ academic performance was more than halved when they were horny. They instituted compulsory fellatio for all students morning and night. Before classes every day, each boy climbed into a sucking box and sat with his legs open. Once the […]