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21st century warlock

  Zane’s curiosity was his greatest weakness. As he crept in the bushes up to the window of the Marsten place, he heard someone behind him. He turned to find himself facing a man. The man raised his fist towards the kid, and Zane raised his arms protectively, but instead of a blow from the […]

Nut boxing

In the future, juvenile delinquents receive a harsh punishment that doubles as a pay-per-view spectator event. The courts were sick of seeing the same old faces before them every few months. Public flogging was tried, but young gang members and other criminals quickly saw it as a mark of honour to be publicly flogged. Then […]

The tree hangers

Native American Indians find a uniquely vicious way of tormenting invaders who settle on their lands. 00

Punishing Jamie

An uptight father punishes his son and his friend for their sexual shenanigans. +10

Parasite 2 – The Hive

A group of friends stumble upon a group of giant bugs that will use them for disgusting purposes. +20

Animal breeding

A teenager pisses off a farm girl and discovers that with the right manipulation, he can be forced to give up his sperm as easily and as often as any other farm animal. This story does NOT feature ANY bestiality content. +20

Attitude adjustment

A white supremacist pays for his crimes and rediscovers some hidden truths. You can find an index to all my stories here +40

Miss Love – Camp nurse

A youngster at summer camp finds his plan to trick the camp nurse into giving him a hand job back firing spectacularly. You can find an index to all my stories here 00


A young man wishes he knew more than he does. You can find an index to all my stories here This story is dedicated to my greatly valued Patreon supporter Nicholas K. who also stars in the story. 00


A teenager discovers that he must pay for the sins of his father, and finds his body modified in a most horrific way. You can find an index to all of my stories here 00