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The tree hangers

Native American Indians find a uniquely vicious way of tormenting invaders who settle on their lands. 00

Test subjects 84-87

Four young men are kidnapped and prepared for sale to new owners. +10

Punishing Jamie

An uptight father punishes his son and his friend for their sexual shenanigans. +10

Parasite 3 part 3 – Incubators

Four boys are captured by giant bugs who use their bodies in new and unsettling ways. +10

Jack in the forest

A 21st century boy finds himself on an alternate medieval version of Earth and goes on a journey that does not end where he hoped. Inspired by the superb book “The Talisman” by Stephen King and Peter Straub +30


14 young men undergo a sexually humiliating and ultimately painful initiation in order to get ahead. 00

Elephant – Inspired by art by Makato Kai

A man discovers that he has been placed into a horrific sexual situation You can find an index to all my stories here 00

Hooray for Hollywood

A young singer receives a special treatment to keep his great voice  You can find an index to all my stories here 00


A young man wishes he knew more than he does. You can find an index to all my stories here This story is dedicated to my greatly valued Patreon supporter Nicholas K. who also stars in the story. 00


A teenager discovers that he must pay for the sins of his father, and finds his body modified in a most horrific way. You can find an index to all of my stories here 00